The name “Issie” comes from Ishinomaki city where was damaged by Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

There was a woman who wished to support their daily lives in the damaged area. But it was difficult to start. Time flied and it passed 3 years so fast.

She doesn’t have a child, but she wished to help children to smile; wished to help children to overcome their difficulties. She knows children smile when their mums smile. What to do to make the mums smile…? It’s not just one-time donation. The job that they could be proud of, worthwhile, a life purpose, would make them smile.

Companies, factories, all were flooded, no jobs…
Well then, I make jobs. Create jobs!

It was the start.

   One day in February 2014, after work, she got on the overnight bus from Tokyo to Ishinomaki. It was almost 3 years passed from the disaster.
The regret that she couldn’t do anything in those three years for them was not small.

“Definitely I would do something for someone in that area. Never spend next 3 years blankly”. Nothing was prepared but her decision.

It was a cold, really cold day when she arrived at Miyagi as her first time. Having no connection, she started to find workers for Issie. The project started to move finally, but very slowly.
   〜The first meeting with Ms. Saito, who became the leader of the project later, at the meeting place of temporary houses 〜

Nobody wanted to accept the job at first. The timing was the worst, when many other projects were over or faded out… “any chance for sales?” “who would buy the products?” were their impression. “There are buyers! I already got orders!” ”Let’s make it!” Finally, Ms. Saito made up her mind to take the job. Now she works as the leader, as a planner of new products, a maker and an instructor.

Why the horse?

Because the horse is a symbol of wealth in all over the world. And there are always horses around gods. They also bring gods as vehicle.

Wish them to bring a little bit relief and wealth to Tohoku mums and children. That’s why Issie is horse, the symbol of “wealth”. Wish those horses to run with the people who were suffered on their backs to a bright future…

Your shopping will create a job for mums in Tohoku area.

Will bring a slight wealth to them.

You could make them smile.
  ~improving skills meeting with children at Ishinomaki〜        
It was started by just 3 members. Now we have 23 mums from Ishinomaki, Sendai, Kesennuma, Higashimatsuyama and Yamamoto-cho areas. They all are struggling to rebuild their lives. 
Because it’s lovely. Because I like that.
A new style to support Tohoku.


Representative of Issie project, Yayoi Kimura